The 5 Principles of Habermann IP:
Always to your Advantage!

Stereotypical thinking is a commonplace but nothing for us. You’ve got a particular idea of what patent attorneys are and what they do? So let yourself be surprised! Here are 5 principles that do concern our special way to approach, to reason and to interact with our clients. We are passionate patent attorneys and we want you to feel confident.

  • We are listening to your concern and try to see the situation from your point of view. Your concern will be our top agenda item!

  • We advise you on your current projects in a way that you will understand every single step of our procedure. We speak your language!

  • We offer a personal service for every client, regardless the size of your company.

  • Our services with regard to counselling and pricing are transparent, fair and comprehensible. Just ask for it.

  • We are open-minded, authentic, down-to-earth, understanding and always with a good sense of humou