Legal Know How on a High Level.
Professional Expertise.

Habermann IP has a long standing expertise in the fields of protection of intellectual property rights. We take care of your projects and offer the following services such as protective strategies, patent searches, application procedures, legal disputes, expert opinions, protective rights evaluation, administration and monitoring from a single source. We will advise you on all fields of competences:

We have experts for almost every technical area:

  •     Automotive
  •     Biology and biotechnology
  •     Chemistry and pharmacy
  •     Chemical technology and process engineering
  •     Electronic engineering and electrical engineering
  •     Food chemistry
  •     Mechanical engineering and general mechanics
  •     Medical engineering
  •     Software and IT

We are professional, reliable and insightful when dealing with clients;
proficient in science, technology and law – with innovative ideas, pragmatic solutions and responsible implementation of our client’s projects.

This is Habermann IP!