Patent Litigations

Industrial property rights may be seen as prohibitive rights which prohibit third parties to produce, sell, place or make the invention available on the market or to introduce and possess the invention for the purposes mentioned above. The rights shall be claimed at a competent district court. Patent litigations are considered as complaints that derive from patented inventions, unprotected inventions or from license agreements and the claims associated with it.

Did you find out that your protected invention has been copied or sold by a third party? Or did you learn that a distributor has delivered parts of your invention to a competitor? If your patent has been infringed you can claim rights conferred by the patent by taking legal steps against the infringer. The patent holder has the right to obtain an entitlement to damages, an injunction or can make use of his right to get information or recover possession of the unjustified enrichment made by the products that have been infringed.

Nevertheless it is important to consult a patent attorney before you plan to take legal steps against an infringer as the patent attorney is able to check if an infringement of your patent has possibly taken place. Moreover, it is often advisable to negotiate with the infringer and to draw his attention to the protected product and the possible infringement committed by him.

We want us to be your first contact partner in case of a patent infringement. We will help you to elaborate individual strategies how to stop the infringement of your patent.

A patent holder has told you that you have infringed his patent but you are convinced that you do not infringe the protected product or that the patented invention has been used by third parties or by yourself already before the filing of the patent? We will examine with you all the possibilities that do exist in order to take effective steps against the granted patent.