Protection Strategy

An optimized protection strategy for the widest possible scope of protection of a trademark can only be developed by taking into account all the individual requirements of the applicant. It is important to consider the type of trademark you wish to protect as well as the goods and services, the countries in which the protection shall be valid, the existence of earlier trademark rights of third parties as well as the costs incurred hereby.

When selecting the trademark type, we consider the individual need for protection of the mark. Words, graphically designed logos, images, colors, sounds and designs can be protected as a trademark. Depending on the need of protection, you can choose between one or more types of trademarks.

You can specify the goods and services for which you wish to register and use your trademark.

The protection of a trademark after registration is only valid for the goods and services that have previously been selected and cannot be altered or extended afterwards. Therefore it is important to precisely determine in advance for which goods or services you wish to use your trademark presently and in the future.

In order to guarantee the widest possible scope of protection for your trademark and to prevent third parties from distributing goods and services under your trademark or logo, it is advisable to file the trademark also abroad. When choosing an optimal protection strategy, it is also advisable to take into account the costs involved with the registration and the filing procedure of your trademark in foreign countries.

Finally you should always take the earlier trademarks rights into account when you choose and file your trademark because they can prevent the registration of your own trademark.